Payam Saderat

  Payam Saderat company, which was registered in Tehran, was initially a trading company. The export message began with the export of goods to Armenia, and then its trading activity expanded to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. With the expansion of its business activities, the company began its activities towards the production of motor oils and all types of industrial and antifreeze oils.

Engine oil


The main tasks of the engine oil are lubrication of the moving parts of the engine, minimizing friction and erosion, helping to reduce heat and absorbing waste, particulate matter and sludge deposits from combustion.

Because the engine oil needs to do this many complex tasks simultaneously, it requires a complex chemical formulation, but how do you know how the engine works, how it should be classified and how to choose the correct type for your car. You do not need a chemist or a chemical engineer. Just familiarize yourself with various types of engine oil, its classifications, and the signs and abbreviations used for it. Message Export is one of the leading manufacturers of the best engine oil and anti-freeze ادامه ی مطلب...

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introduction of a company


Payam-e-Sadr Company was registered in Tehran in May 1374. The export activity started in July of the same year in Armenia. The scope of commercial-export activity of the company expanded to Azerbaijan-Ukraine-Russia-Kazakhstan until 1380.

From 2001 to 2003, the second oil refinery plant, the Message Export Company, lasted until 2001, when the production and export of the plant was officially started by obtaining a license to exploit the Qom province's industries and mines. Since then, the products of this plant have been exported to the following countries: Central Asia, Durban, Kurdistan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and several African countries. Activities in the African continent led to the establishment of a large oil giant in Ghana. It turned out Which in addition to producing various types of motor oil, accelerated the packaging and delivery of products to neighboring Ghana. The Export Message Company is the official distributor of Cheese Producer Company MITO Japan in Central Asia. Mito cheese is a type of mushroom with high activity, which has a large number of fans in Central Asia. The goods are transported to Central Asian countries through Iran through transit.


The antifreeze fluid added to the engine cooling system with water is designed to lower the freezing point and boost the boiling point. That is, adding an antifreeze fluid to the cooling system (radiator) of the car increases the temperature at which the machine can move at boiling point without boiling.

Coolant or antifreeze is an alcohol-based additive (ethylene glycol and propylene glycol) which is usually green (it may also have a red, blue or orange color) and is made of ethylene glycol.

Anti boil

From the combustion of gasoline in the engine, about 2000 to 2500 ° C is generated, and you only need to bring the motor to a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees with just a few liters of fluid, such as water or a combination of water and antifreeze or anti-burning. Slowly It is true that oil is used to reduce the friction and heat transfer due to the movement of the drive parts such as the crankshaft and the shaftons, but the cooling does not end with the lubrication of the oil and the use of cooling fluids and components such as radiator, Finds more to accomplish this. It is good to know that the cooling power of water is 20 times higher than oil, and the existence of a cooling system based on radiators and anti-freeze fluids, especially in hot areas of the world, has an undeniable role in reducing the temperature of the engines.

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The duty of engine oil

The main tasks of the engine oil are lubrication of the moving parts of the engine, minimizing friction and erosion, helping to reduce heat and absorb suspended particles and sludge deposits from combustion. Because engine oils need to do this at the same time, it requires a complex chemical formulation, but it does not require a chemist or chemical engineer to understand the performance of the engine oil and how to classify it and choose the right type of engine oil for your car. Get familiar with different types of engine oil, its classification and its symbols and abbreviations

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Special export position

The sale market of products of the motor oil factory of Payam-e-Sadr Company has only been out of Iran so far. The countries of Central Asia - the Middle East, the Far East and Africa have been constantly or periodically consumers of the company's products. Marketing has been a special way for Messer Saderat Raghashay to sell products in the above countries. The company is prepared to examine the documents of individuals and legal and corporate companies dominant in the markets of various countries for the sale of their products in accordance with the terms of the message company Export.

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Exporter Message Company with the extensive facilities available in the customs of the country's exit frontier has the possibility to supply any kind of lubricant and in any type of container that the applicant asks for it. So far, we have supplied plenty of 20-ton Flexi, 220-liter barrels, 20-liter containers, dishes of four and five and one-liters from applicants in different countries. This company responds to applicants and possibly responds to potential complaints and accepts expert opinions and opinions of their customers.

Applicants have always been closely interacting with us by email or telephone and other communication tools.

Our honors

During these years, we have given a lot of honors to you to look at the corner of it

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