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About Us

The Payam Saderat company,  which was registered in Tehran, was initially a commercial company. The export file was launched by exporting goods to Armenia, and then its trading activities expanded to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. With the widening of its business activities, the company began its activities towards the production of motor oils and various industrial and antifreeze oils.

Following these efforts, the company succeeded in exporting its first products to the Republic of Armenia from the Jolfa and Nordus border in 2004. Subsequently, the message company exported to the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, the Republic of Myanmar in Southeast Asia And African countries.

In addition to the production and export of motor, industrial, hydraulic and anti-freeze oils, Messer Export Company is the sole distributor for the distribution and sale of Japanese Mito cheese in Russia and Central Asia. Vegetable cheese is a mixture of mushrooms and is produced by advanced technology in Japan. This kind of cheese is much in the Caucasus, Ukraine and Russia.

Now Payame Saderat Company is still ahead of its predecessor, based on its twenty-five-year experience and customer support that has been supporting them over the years.

Our greatest support for maintaining and improving the quality of our products is the support and satisfaction of your esteemed customers.


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Client Management and System Integration

The sale market of products of the motor oil factory of Payame Saderat Company has only been out of Iran so far. The countries of Central Asia, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa have been constantly or continuously consumers of the company's products. Marketing has been a special way for Messer Saderat Raghashay to sell products in the above countries. The company is ready to review the documents of individuals and companies that are dominant in the markets of different countries for the sale of their products to them within the framework of the rules contained in the message company Export.

Prospects and missions

The Payame Saderat company with the extensive facilities available in the customs of the country's exit frontier has the possibility to supply any kind of lubricant and in any type of container that the applicant asks for it. So far, we have supplied plenty of 20-ton Flexi, 220-liter barrels, 20-liter containers, dishes of four and five and one-liters from applicants in different countries. This company responds to applicants and possibly responds to potential complaints and accepts expert opinions and opinions of their customers.

Applicants have always been closely interacting with us by email or telephone and other communication tools.

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Our honors

During these years, we have given a lot of honors to you to look at the corner of it